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Summer is quickly approaching, leaving moms and dads everywhere scrambling to find ways to fill the time for their kids and teens. Not to mention that “summer brain drain” is a thing. So, to keep those young minds active, parents are looking for activities that their children will enjoy–and perhaps learn something from.

By now you’ve probably heard about STEM camps or technology camps, where students get hands-on experience with the latest tech and build in-demand skills for college, internships, and future careers.

If not, here’s a quick lesson. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. In five years, there will be more STEM jobs than qualified people to fill them. iD Tech is #1 summer STEM program for kids and teens ages 7-19, and has been running camps in coding, game development, design, and robotics for over 20 years.

No matter your level of STEM awareness, perhaps you still don’t really understand the benefits of a STEM camp or why your child should attend one. Well, wonder no more—we’re here to answer the question, “Why should my kids attend a STEM camp?” once and for all.


1. To spark an interest in STEM

If you want to spark a child’s interest in a STEM topic or develop an existing interest, no summer experience is better suited than a STEM camp.

STEM camps like iD Tech not only give kids and teens a chance to interact with the latest and coolest tech (and have bragging rights when they get back to school), but they teach students how such tech can be used to create apps, video games, 3D-printed designs, robots, and more.

It’s an opportunity for students to start connecting the dots between the tech they consume and how it’s created, and develop a deeper understanding of how vital STEM skills are to 21st-century success.


2. To prepare for the immediate future, college, and careers

Technology is already something we encounter almost every hour of our lives, so in the future, it can be assumed tech will have even more influence on our daily activities.

Prepare your kids and teens for this tech-filled tomorrow by sending them to a camp that is all about getting students ready for the future. How? In addition to the aforementioned STEM skill-building, iD Tech programs take place at prestigious universities, so students can get a taste of collegiate life and visualize themselves roaming college grounds as inspired undergrads.

Speaking of inspiration…


3. To inspire, motivate, and instill purpose

A week or more at a STEM camp can help the next Steve Jobs or Sheryl Sandberg find their way, and even inspire them to become the world’s next great innovator.

iD Tech programs are hands-on, project-based experiences, so students learn by doing, often realizing that tech isn’t as complex as they might have thought. It results in a sense of accomplishment, which in a word, can be life-changing. Plus, the collaboration and fellowship with other like-minded students can bring even the quietest kids out of their shells in surprising ways.


4. To maximize summer time-off

Look, every interest is worthy of exploration at a summer camp. From sports to art, and everything else, the opportunity for a child to dive deeper into something they love while surrounded by others who have just as much passion is a valuable experience.

But, what if your child doesn’t really have a passion yet? Or what if you simply need somewhere to send them to pass the time? If that’s the case, a STEM program is going to provide much more value than your average sports camp or traditional outdoor summer program.

Why? Because of the upside. At the end of the day, learning how to code has a longer-term impact than learning to play kickball or how to how to build a campfire (not that those aren’t valuable skills). It’s rooted in the fact that many of the high-paying jobs of today and tomorrow are STEM-based.

Again, all camps are fun and provide valuable social experiences, but with a STEM camp, you have the opportunity for all of that and then some.


5. To take part in summer awesomeness

All of the above points culminate to this one final statement—STEM camps are awesome. Pure and simple. Over 400,000 students have attended iD Tech programs since 1999. Many have gone on to achieve BIG things–like following their dreams to become a Game Designer at Electronic Arts, a Product Manager at Microsoft, or a Production Coordinator at Warner Brothers. (See student success stories here.) Make this summer count and give your child an incredible STEM learning experience that could profoundly impact their future.


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This post is sponsored by iD Tech. For more summer camp inspiration check out Local Summer Camp Guide, and 10 Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Camp




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