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 Getting to the mat is the hardest part. But once I get there, each class is a true break for my mind, body and soul. As I focus on my breath, I can feel a release of any negative thoughts. I sweat out the toxins, I push my body, and I feel strong. That’s why I am super excited that Quincy Yoga & Massage is offering a special TWO HOUR yoga workshop for stress and anxiety where you will calm your mind and balance the nervous system. Join me Saturday, December 14th at their studio for the break that you NEED. All levels, including beginners are welcome.

The holidays are a time of cheer, but they are also a time when your to-do list multiplies, you are sleeping less and perhaps worrying more. Last year, after Christmas my body completely crashed. I got sick with the flu and was in bed for days! Needless to say it was not a fun school break for me.


Stress and anxiety are conditions that afflict more of us than ever before. Over time, chronic stress and anxiety can negatively impact our minds and bodies, leaving us tense and at risk of illness. This year I promised myself I would take things more slowly and take time for selfcare.


Luckily, yoga can help! Research has shown that practicing yoga and breathing slowly are effective tools to help regulate the stress response and reset the nervous system. Yoga, is my gift to myself. Here are some other ways I am trying to eliminate stress this holiday season!



 1. Get to bed on time. There are not enough hours in a day, that is for sure. But when you try to stretch yourself too thin, it takes a toll on your body. I am always saying “just one more minute” or “let me just finish this”, but not anymore. Phone down and on silent by 8pm. That has been the key for me to get in bed earlier and getting a full nights rest.


2.  Get fresh air! Yes it is getting colder, but the fresh air helps me relax. Taking a walk with the dog, playing with the kids outside, or a listening to a good podcast while strolling the neighborhood helps clear my head and leaves me feeling refreshed.


3. Say no. We are all guilting of trying to go to every event and try to please everyone, but the reality is that puts a lot of stress on you, mama, and your family too. It is ok to say no. It is OK to skip the holiday party and opt for snuggling with the kids instead.


4. Healthy Food & Drink. Drink plenty of water. Keep track of your intake and force yourself to get those ounces in. Keep a big bottle at your desk and refill it often- plus this forces you to get up and walk around! And start hydrating right when you wake up. I like a warm cup of water with lemon & honey! And indulge in the cookies and ice cream, but also make sure to fill up on nutrient dense and warming foods like soups, strews & roasted veggies!


5. Just breathe. Stop what you are doing and focus on your breath. Deep breaths in & out. Yoga can help with this! And Jeanne at Quincy Yoga & Massage will give you simple techniques you can practice anywhere. Watch what a difference it makes!


What are you doing for yourself, mama?





Sponsored by Quincy Yoga & Massage. Go check them out near Quincy Center and tell them The Milton Moms sent you!

1245 Hancock St, Suite 33

Quincy, MA



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