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There is a lot to worry about as a mom. Add to that list, MOSQUITOES. With the detection of EEE in many areas throughout Massachusetts and the unfortunate events in the last few weeks, I want to just put my kids in a bubble. But, I can’t. So I set out to educate and protect my family so we can continue to enjoy the outdoors this Fall. The temperatures remain warm and mosquitoes continue to be a real threat. Here is what you need to know and steps you should take immediately.



What You Should Know:


EEE (Eastern Equine Encaphalitis) is a rare, but very dangerous disease caused by a virus. It is spread to humans through a bite from an infected mosquito. There is no known cure, and it can be deadly. The last EEE outbreak in Massachusetts was in 2010-2012 which is why we haven’t heard a lot about it since until now.


We may be back in school, but mosquitoes are still very active and will be until the first frost. With temps in the 80s this week that feels like a long time to go.


The Norfolk County Mosquito Control District is already using ground based spraying on a weekly basis in our area:

Thursdays- Milton, Quincy, Braintree and others

Wednesdays- Canton, Westwood, Randolph, Stoughton and Dedham

Click here for spray routes and a searchable map by street and town and see if your neighborhood is covered


Be aware of symptoms; high fever, headache, stiff neck. They can show up 3-10 after an infected bite.




Steps Your Can Take to Protect Your Family:

* Stay indoors dusk through dawn. If you are outside, wear long pants and long sleeves. And wear a mosquito repellent. It is recommended that you use a product with DEET, but please check labels as this is not safe for little ones.


* Repair any window screens with holes


*Clear your gutters; remove debris that may prevent proper drainage


* Remove any standing water from your home, think recycling bins, kiddie pools, and wheelbarrows. Mosquitoes breed anywhere! It’s even a good idea to get together with neighbors and do this together.


* Keep grass short- this helps with ticks too, and yes it is still tick season 🙁


* Hire a reputable lawn/ pest control company that can spray your yard safely and effectively. Let the experts keep your yard safe all Fall, and your family will thank you! Here are the companies Milton Moms recommends:


Pure Solutions



Pure Solutions is a New England based company focused on preventing and controlling vector-borne diseases on residential and commercial properties through routine property sprays. Prevent and eliminate mosquitoes with our National Organic Program compliant mosquito control programs customized for your property. Exclusive offer for Milton Moms- 10% off the season program AND one free spray when you sign up! This deal is valid 2019- 2020 for any new customers. Just mention The Milton Moms when you call to sign up.





Mosquito Joe



Mosquito Joe uses a combination method to not only kill the mosquitoes that are there now, but we also use products that will prevent the breeding of new mosquitoes. We offer synthetic products, botanical and all-natural and our trained team will work with you to determine which is right for your yard and your family. Using a backpack sprayer designed for precise application, your technician targets shrubs and plants with a barrier spray that kills mosquitoes on contact and bonds to foliage, where it acts as a mosquito repellent for weeks to come. 

Exclusive deal for Milton Moms- 3 treatments for $199.97. Just mention The Milton Moms when you call to book!






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